Upgrade! What’s New at Bright House Field

Do you have your trip planned? Getting packed up and excited to board a flight from PHL to TPA for a nice vacation or weekend getaway to sunny Clearwater, Florida? Well, we’re ready for you!

Fans are starting to flock down to Phillies Spring Training and the fan experience at Bright House Field will not disappoint – especially with some major upgrades to the video displays, food and merchandise.

Recently, we held What’s New at Bright House Field media preview event to unveil the brand new, state-of-the-art Bright House Field Video Scoreboard and LED “Ribbon” display along with other upgrades to the ballpark which will heighten the fan experience.

Where’s the Remote?


In all its splendor, the Video Scoreboard at Bright House Field has almost doubled in size and now boasts a higher resolution, better viewing angles and superior performance in the sun – which is helpful since that big, orangy-yellow ball in the sky likes to show itself quite often for 1:05 p.m. Spring Training games.


The LED “Ribbon” display added just above the first base concourse caters to fans in the Left Field seating areas including the berm as well as those enjoying the Tiki Bar. (Check out the photo above showing the Clearwater Centennial logo – Happy B-day Clearwater!)

Both displays show HD quality videos, interactive features, animations, live FAN CAMS, highlights and replays, and, of course, game action. Even the control room received an update as it is now a full HD facility for video production/playback and state-of-the-art capabilities when it comes to art production, graphics and animation. Coverage of fans around the ballpark will also be improved with two new handheld, wireless cameras. Will the Bongo Cam make its way south? Air Guitar Cam? Bad Dance? We’ll just have to wait and see. Seeing is believing though – and you need to see this baby in person to really appreciate it.

Nom, nom, nom


That’s the sound of delicious ballpark delicacies being devoured all spring long. Bull’s BBQ, a CBP fave, will set up shop at BHF for the first time this year with Greg “the Bull” Luzinski’s BBQ pork along with his roast beef sandwiches served to hungry fans.




Drooling on keyboard.

Other Philadelphia favorites being imported from the award-winning food selection at CBP are Philadelphia Water Ice and Boardwalk Fries, being served down either baseline, as well as Tony Luke’s Italian roast pork sandwich.

Come to games hungry and preferably wearing stretch pants.

Fashion Forward


Whether you’re shopping at the renovated Retail Tent adjacent to the Tiki Bar or the official Diamond Outfitters Store at Bright House Field, you’re going to see a wider selection of exclusive Phillies Spring Training gear.

Trendy and fun animal prints, Florida-inspired men’s polos, bright colored hats and chic wristlets are among the many items that will make you stand out from the rest.








What about the green guy?

4-21-13 Phanatic57247

We know you’ll love your new ST attire, food samplings and seeing yourself on the video scoreboard  – but what about the Phanatic? Rest assured, he’s here and ready to shake that belly at each and every Phillies Spring Training home game. Look out for him on his ATV and dancing on the dugout. Who knows? Maybe he’ll pull you up there with him!


Hope to see you here in Clearwater very soon. #safetravels


Cody Asche gave an inside look at a very sleepy Cameron Rupp following a workout.

Glad he’s chowing down on healthy snacks.

Let’s Get It Started

HowardPhotoD4826In here.

Camp is underway. Photo Day has come and gone. Now, games are just days, actually just one day, away.

On a rainy day in Clearwater, we’d like to take a moment to catch up with you as well as catch you up with some things happening down in (sometimes) sunny Florida.

Yesterday was Spring Training Photo Day. Players have their head shots taken by about a dozen photographers in an assembly line of cameras. It’s an early day for everyone – beginning at 6:30am and lasting for about 90 minutes or so.

Some guys are definitely morning people while others…not so much. Can you blame them though?

Here are a few shots from yesterday that can give you a little flavor of the event that is Photo Day:


Revere looks camera ready…almost.



Ready for a close-up.



Pap was all smiles.



Gotta get that top button, Freddy.



Hamels lookin’ all pensive.


Someone wasn’t 100% awake…?

With another Photo Day in the books, we’re now looking ahead to getting Spring Training games going, non-rainy/warm weather here in Florida and seeing Phillies fans at Bright House Field cheering on their team.

Until next time, have a great weekend!


Another Photo Day beauty.

Thinking Spring


Well, congrats to the New England Patriots on their Super Bowl win last night. Congrats to Punxsutawney Phil for seeing his shadow and forcing six more weeks of winter on us. And, last but not least, congrats to you for making it into the office through yet another messy winter storm drive this Monday after the Super Bowl, thus escaping a near-fatal wing/nacho coma.

Now that THAT’s out of the way, let’s talk baseball. Spring AND baseball are getting closer and closer by the day. But, just how close?

In less than two weeks, that’s 12 days, the Phillies equipment truck will depart from Citizens Bank Park (with the Phanatic trying his best to hitch a ride, of course) and make it’s way to sunny, blue-sky Clearwater. It will be packed to the brim with bats, balls, uniforms and sunflower seeds – along with the promise of a fresh 2015 season.

Mitchell Leff_TRUCK_029


The 53-foot Phillies equipment truck will embark on its 1,058-mile and three-day journey through eight states on its way to Bright House Field just four short days before pitchers and catchers workout together officially for the first time (although, players have been working out all winter leading up to the official workout – just sayin’…). Thousands of items will be unloaded for baseball use including: 2,400 baseballs; 2,000 short and long sleeve shirts; 1,200 bats; 450 pair of socks; 150 pair of batting gloves and other items that are, you know, necessary to get Spring Training started. We are buzzing around the office anxiously awaiting the date which also marks the unofficial start of spring training – with that lovely warmer weather to follow.

group photo



Baseball begins so soon!! Sigh…can’t wait.


Even the players are heading to Clearwater well before any “official” workouts get started.

That’s all for now. Have a great week and think Spring (Training)!

Hello, 2015.


Hello again, Phillies fans. And welcome to this gorgeous New Year of 2015!

The New Year is all about fresh starts and new beginnings.  And we are so stoked to get back to baseball and to start a brand new season. Here’s to health, happiness and a prosperous start to this beauty of a year!

So, the New Year also brings resolutions. These resolutions could lead to new eating and workout plans in hopes of weight loss, quitting bad habits like smoking or being overly cranky all the time, maybe just getting more sleep…but above all you get to start something new. In keeping with tradition, why don’t you make one now – a new year means a new you!

If you are starting off with a bang (bang) and full steam ahead with your resolution – nice work.  Now, if you’re like the rest of us, you may be off the wagon already or still thinking of what you’d like to resolve. There’s still time! If you’re still forming them or need to reboot your resolve, today is your lucky day – we have an idea that will help bring you to a better you this year.

Let’s Do This 2015.

The holidays are officially over and you may be resolving to wear stretch pants over the course of the winter months due to over-consumption of holiday treats. First, stop it. That’s not a resolution. Stretch pants are never a resolution. Second, stop freaking out (no crying either) because there’s a better way…time to get Phit!

Here’s our 100% no pressure, fitness plan pitch as follows.

Us: Join the Phillies’ movement to get moving with NO MONEY DOWN!

You: Wha??? 

Us: We know! Gym memberships cost so much money but we’re talking zero dollars.

You: Getting fit while holding on to my cash?

Us: Yes.

You: Don’t believe you.

Us: Wow, trust issues. But it’s not too good to be true. Promise.


How do we do it? Check out Phillies Phitness, presented by NovaCare Rehabilitation, for tips to get you started and get into gear in 2015. Stretching, working out and eating healthy like a professional athlete sounds like a pretty awesome way to get fit, right? Yes, this program is geared toward getting kids to get active. If you’re a physical education teacher or run an afterschool program for grades K-12, sign up for the program while you’re visiting the site and get your students involved! However, if you’re a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent or average adult and still want to get some great tips on living a healthy lifestyle, we won’t tell anyone you visited the page and got some great tips, cross our heart.

What are the Perks?

Being a member has its benefits. When a PE teacher or afterschool program leader signs up for this free (remember – it’s free!) program, he/she will receive:

  • Booklets for each participant with tips to help lead a healthy lifestyle as well as pledge cards and completion certificates for the program.
  • A fancy poster featuring some of your fave Phils highlighting the important muscles needed to play baseball.
  • A chance to win(!) a Phitness Session at your school with a visit from Phillies front office staff and NovaCare Rehabilitation athletic trainers. #Winning
  • Opportunity to nominate students to be honored during Phillies Phitness Night at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday, August 26th, including a special pregame party with healthy food, fun and special surprises! Ballpark-wide activities and info, provided by NovaCare Rehabilitation, will also be featured on Phitness Night.



It may be a soft j. Apparently you just run.


If you need a little more motivation to get phit, sometimes it’s helpful to work toward a goal like running in an organized race. The Phillies thought of that too and are holding the 5th annual Phillies Charities 5K at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday, March 28th! Registration opens on Monday, January 12th at 9:00 a.m. on phillies.com. The event has sold out in the past so make sure you sign up early to ensure your spot! You also get this sweet long-sleeved tee in your runner’s pack. Awesome, we know.

5K 2

What are you waiting for? Lace up those sneakers and get going!

Season of Giving: DIY Edition

It may be because we’ve DVR’d National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation from ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, and have since watched it approximately 13 times since December 1st, but this Christmas song seemed apropos for a post about Christmas time…and what to do now that you’ve (hopefully) completed your shopping, sent out your cards, baked those yummy cookies and finished anything else on your to-do list – all with a cheerful, holiday smile.

Let’s all get our charity on, people! Giving back this time of year, no matter how grand or small the gesture, can make the season that much more special. Looking for some ideas on what to do? Here are a few that come to mind – with a Phillies twist, of course.

#1. You could play Santa…


Santa suit encouraged, but not required.  Maybe delivering a Phillies gift pack and holiday cheer, like our man Chase, is the key to your holiday giving success. (Side Note: It’s Chase’s birthday today!!) Julie is such a warrior. We can’t wait to meet her in the New Year! #JulieMeetsEllenMeetsChase

The Phillies front office also played Santa, with the help of Phanta Claus, to the People’s Emergency Center last week to leadoff our Season of Giving.  The Center provides comprehensive supportive services for homeless women and children in West Philadelphia.

Donate a toy, canned good item or spare change. Get your kids involved. A little goes a long way!

#2. Volunteer your time.BethesdaLunch5186

Time is a precious thing, especially during this crazy busy time of year. So spending time helping others is a super admirable thing to do.

Taking time to volunteer at a local animal shelter, food bank or nursing home are just a few options. Another Season of Giving event involves the Phillies front office cooking and serving our annual Holiday Lunch at Bethesda Project’s largest shelter, happening this Friday for over 200 homeless community members.



#3. Say Thank You

To the stranger holding the door. To the server bringing your food. To the bank teller for assisting you. It’s simple, easy and means a lot.

We said thank you to local organizations at the Phillies Charities Holiday Party on Monday night. Dozens of charities were honored as 2014 grant recipients. Nearly $2 million in grants have been awarded throughout the year with the party serving as a way to honor these outstanding organizations that give back to the community.



Ryne and Margaret Sandberg were on-hand to celebrate the evening with the attendees as well as pitcher David Buchanan and his sister, Sarah Buchanan, whose charity, Kula Project, was recognized during the evening.



Here’s a recap video of the evening’s festivities:

The program featured testimonials that elaborated what each charity did and how it helps make the Philadelphia community a better place as well as a red carpet greeting from the one and only, Phanta Claus. Overall, the evening was a great event and a gem in the Season of Giving this year.

And Phinally…

Speaking of joy…This was just way too good so we had to share. After you’ve volunteered, donated and shown your gratitude, something else to do with your free time this holiday season could be an epic holiday-themed prank war.  Here’s an example of the absolute best one ever, brought to you by the Kimmels and the Krasinskis.

Good luck on your holiday endeavors – whatever they may be!

The Countdown to Christmas


It’s happening. The holidays are quickly heading for us – full steam ahead. Before your budget gets completely out of control, we’d like to give you a few pretty incredible options, with your wallet in mind.

Now, you may recall the lyrics to The Twelve Days of Christmas and wonder, who needs that many birds and various people playing instruments and doing other arduous tasks? In 2014, the Phillies are offering a more practical 12 Days of Christmas … in deal form. Each day brings 25% off a specific brand or item. (Also, keep scrolling for the $12 Doorbuster Deals each day too!)


Saturday, December 13th starts us off with 25% off Phanatic & Kids Merchandise

Love the green guy? Get some Phanatic gear for the kids, Grandmom, yourself – everyone. But especially remember the kiddos since their gear is a lovely 25% off!


Also happening on Saturday: Phillies Authentic #ClubhouseSale 

Grab some game-used gear for the ultimate fan in your life.  He/She will be stoked to own items that have touched the diamond at Citizens Bank Park by their favorite Phillies.

Sunday, December 14th – Stock up on Outerwear, all 25% off

Sweatshirts, hats, gloves, scarves…bundle up baby.


Monday, December 15th – 25% Off New Era Caps


Fitted, adjustable…so many ways to top one’s noggin’ this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 16th – 25% Off Nike Apparel and Headwear

Nike, at a discount. Enough said. Well, maybe “swoosh.”


Wednesday, December 17th – FREE CLUBHOUSE TOURS

Decorated for the holidays in a display that rivals Dickens Village, bring the fam and snap some photos in the Phillies Home Clubhouse after making a few holiday purchases at the store, of course.

clubhouse dec

Thursday, December 18th – 25% Off ’47 Brand Apparel & Headwear

’47 Brand gear…chic and on sale.



Friday, December 19th – Take 25% Off Mitchell & Ness Apparel

Gah, such soft cotton cozy style.



Saturday, December 20th – Under Armour Apparel 25% Off

Stock up on Under Armour gear for the entire crew…or just yourself. Shhh, we won’t tell.


Sunday, December 21st – 25% Off Majestic Apparel

Fun t-shirts, hats and other gear from the Majestic line will fit just right under the tree.



Monday, December 22nd – 25% Player Product

What is “Player Product,” you ask? Basically, anything in-store with a player name and number on it. Jerseys, t-shirts…you know, Player Products.


Tuesday, December 23rd – All Men’s Apparel = 25% Off


Let’s hear it for the boys…and buy them all the Phillies gear they want this Christmas. Golf polos and accessories, hoodies, shirts, hats, socks…so many options really.


Wednesday, December 24th – Hey Ladies! All Women’s Merchandise = 25% Off

OK, studies show that men tend to wait until oh, I don’t know…Christmas Eve to shop. Because of this, the Phillies wanted to make it a one-stop shopping trip to the Majestic Clubhouse Store with a nice sale on Women’s merchandise. Get it done, guys.


LadiesKnitPeakhat LadiesHalfZip

Did we mention Doorbusters?

How does a $12 Doorbuster every day from 12/13 to 12/24 sound? Pretty fantastic, we know. A very important detail: Doorbusters are from 10am-noon each day. So, be there on time to grab these crazy good deals! Take a gander.

12/13 – Phanatic Bobble

PhanaticChampionStatue12/14 – Select Knit Hats


12/15 – Home Fitted Cap


12/16 – Select Nike Hoodie


12/17 – Game-Used Ball


12/18 – Select ’47 Brand Cap


12/19 – Select Mitchell & Ness Hoodie


12/20 – Under Armour Big Logo Tee


12/21 – Blank Replica Jersey


12/22 – Howard Backpack


12/23 – Select Men’s Polos


12/24 – Select Adult tees



 Side Note of Importance: Heads Up, Procrastinators!

The Majestic Clubhouse Store will be open from 10:00am to 6:00pm throughout the holiday shopping season but will close at 3:00pm on Christmas Eve and be closed Christmas Day and 12/26. So plan accordingly…or not at all because you’re procrastinators and therefore wait til the last minute for generally everything.

Happy Shopping, folks!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Yes, it’s cold outside. Actually, freezing this AM. But our focus is on “baby” for the moment.

The results are in… and the top baby names of 2014, as reported by babycenter.com, are here! Sure, Jackson is sitting pretty atop the list of most popular boy names for the year but I know what you’re thinking: Where do your favorite Phillies’ names rank? Let’s take a look!

#9. Jacob

Diekman5359 - Copy

The first Phillies’ name on the list happens to also be that of one of our relief pitchers who had a pretty decent 2014 himself. Nice to see Jake Diekman pulling in a top 10 ranking for the year.

#16. Benjamin


He may just be Ben, minus the jamin, but Revere is an all-around great guy. Glad to see his name toward the top of this year’s list, aren’t you?

#18. James


Coming in at a respectable #18 on the top 100 list, James Calvin Rollins continues to have a pretty fantastic year.

#24. Ryan

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies

Ryan Howard and Ryne Sandberg should be pretty stoked to see their name in the top 25. Regardless of spelling, this one is a solid name choice for any baby boy (and sometimes girl).

#40. Dominic


Yes, Domonic Brown may buy an “O” instead of an “I” for his name but it still ranks at #40 on this year’s list. (Did you get the Wheel of Fortune reference? Maybe?)

#71. Jonathan


58’s given name ranks #71 on this list. Not too shabby for the Phillies closer.

#86. Chase


Moving 17 spots down since 2013, Chase Utley’s name’s place on this countdown is rather surprising. Wonder if this list was specific to the Philadelphia area how he’d rank? We think much higher, don’t you? Most every classroom in the Delaware Valley has at least one Chase!

#100. Cole


Cole Hamels’ name finishes out the top 100. Also a little surprising, right? Come on Phillies fans, you know Cole is a much better name option over Jackson or Aiden, right? (Disclaimer: No offense to those fans named Jackson or Aiden. All love here.)


While Ben was in town over the weekend for the Holiday Tree & Ballpark Lighting at the Majestic Clubhouse Store, he also took in a little football at the Linc.


Until next time, stay warm (and safe with that nor’easter visiting us tomorrow) Phillies fans!

Deck Them Halls, Ho-Ho-Ho and All That Stuff?

You made out like bandits at last week’s #RedFriday, checked everyone off of your list AND enjoyed donuts in the dugout. So…now what?

Find your Christmas spirit, of course!

I like to view as many holiday movies as possible this time of year to get into the spirit of the season, especially A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s a favorite.

Looking for other ways to get in the holiday spirit?! Glad you asked because you are formally invited to the Phillies Annual Holiday Tree & Ballpark Lighting this Saturday, December 6th!  Here are a few highlights…

Here comes #PhantaClaus!

From 11:00am-2:00pm, prepare to tell Phanta Claus what Phillies goodies you want this year. He’ll do his best mime response – promise. Also, take a photo of the whole fam with him while you’re at it.


Tis the season for Ben Revere #HolidaySelfies


Ben is back in town just for this very special holiday event and cannot wait to cheese it up with you for some epic selfie time. He’s snapping pics with the first 500 fans from 3:30-4:30pm so make sure you plan accordingly people! Here’s hoping he’ll smile and look less scared.


Thaaaaaat’s better, Ben.

Hit the Lights!


After taking your photos and maybe grabbing some more deals on gifts, be sure to stick around for the tree and ballpark lighting at 5:00pm! There will be fancy carolers, Phillies Ballgirls, a special military recognition and much more to get you in the holiday spirit!

IMG_3653cc 04 D25F1996_ml

Perhaps you need more info? No problem!  For more details on all the Phillies Free Holiday Events, including the Authentics Sale happening on Saturday, December 13th click here.


JRoll enlisted the help of some emojis to express his gratitude on Turkey Day, which also happened to be his b-day!

Until next time, have a good week Phillies fans!

Comin’ in Hot!

Hot items for the Holidays? Yes, we got ’em. Let’s check out the hot sellers coming out of the Majestic Clubhouse Store and going under your tree this year.

In addition to this fab blog post, you can see more from the 2014 Ultimate Phillies Fan Gift & Holiday Event Guide right here! Also, check out all of our Pinterest pages for the latest and greatest in Phillies apparel, merchandise and all other pin-able things!


#1. OH Phillies Christmas Tree!

Not since A Charlie Brown Christmas has any tree been so adorable! Decorate your home for the holidays with the Phillies spirit!

PhilliesSantaHat PhilliesStockingAnd while you’re at it…Deck the Halls with Phillies flair too!  2ornaments

#2. Don’t forget Fido! 

Make sure you take care of the fur babies with toys, apparel and bowls!PhilliesDogBallToy PetGearPhilliesShirt PetGearPhilliesFront



#3. Hats on hats on hats.

Winter is coming…and so are chilly temps and the need to protect your head! Cap it with these cozy Phillies winter hats.

This hat glows in the dark…whaaaaat?


Can you see yourself rocking this one while hitting the slopes or making a snow angel?


Purple lovers rejoice!


#4.  Hey Ladies!

Make sure all the women in your life are set with Phillies gear. (Or grab some for yourself!)


OnlyInYourFantasyLeagueSweatLadies LadiesHalfZipProtectThisHouseBlueTee



 #5. For the Fellas

Have some guys on your list in need of Phillies gear? Look no further!


Hunt no more for the perfect hoodie.


Can’t resist a classic.


Who needs sleeves?



One more: Hello Kitty!

Couldn’t complete this list without a little Hello Kitty! So adorable, right?

HelloKittyZipperPouch HelloKittyKeychain HelloKittyFathead

These are just a few of the many great holiday gifts you could grab from the Majestic Clubhouse Store at Citizens Bank Park. Remember: #RedFriday starts at 9:00am on Friday, November 28th with great deals, donuts, an appearance by the Phanatic and much more! Start your shopping list now and get ready – we’re only a few days away!


After #RedFriday & #CyberMonday, The Hamels Foundation hopes you’ll participate in #GivingTuesday!


Hope you and your fam have a Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for all of you. See you next week!