Upgrade! What’s New at Bright House Field

Do you have your trip planned? Getting packed up and excited to board a flight from PHL to TPA for a nice vacation or weekend getaway to sunny Clearwater, Florida? Well, we’re ready for you!

Fans are starting to flock down to Phillies Spring Training and the fan experience at Bright House Field will not disappoint – especially with some major upgrades to the video displays, food and merchandise.

Recently, we held What’s New at Bright House Field media preview event to unveil the brand new, state-of-the-art Bright House Field Video Scoreboard and LED “Ribbon” display along with other upgrades to the ballpark which will heighten the fan experience.

Where’s the Remote?


In all its splendor, the Video Scoreboard at Bright House Field has almost doubled in size and now boasts a higher resolution, better viewing angles and superior performance in the sun – which is helpful since that big, orangy-yellow ball in the sky likes to show itself quite often for 1:05 p.m. Spring Training games.


The LED “Ribbon” display added just above the first base concourse caters to fans in the Left Field seating areas including the berm as well as those enjoying the Tiki Bar. (Check out the photo above showing the Clearwater Centennial logo – Happy B-day Clearwater!)

Both displays show HD quality videos, interactive features, animations, live FAN CAMS, highlights and replays, and, of course, game action. Even the control room received an update as it is now a full HD facility for video production/playback and state-of-the-art capabilities when it comes to art production, graphics and animation. Coverage of fans around the ballpark will also be improved with two new handheld, wireless cameras. Will the Bongo Cam make its way south? Air Guitar Cam? Bad Dance? We’ll just have to wait and see. Seeing is believing though – and you need to see this baby in person to really appreciate it.

Nom, nom, nom


That’s the sound of delicious ballpark delicacies being devoured all spring long. Bull’s BBQ, a CBP fave, will set up shop at BHF for the first time this year with Greg “the Bull” Luzinski’s BBQ pork along with his roast beef sandwiches served to hungry fans.




Drooling on keyboard.

Other Philadelphia favorites being imported from the award-winning food selection at CBP are Philadelphia Water Ice and Boardwalk Fries, being served down either baseline, as well as Tony Luke’s Italian roast pork sandwich.

Come to games hungry and preferably wearing stretch pants.

Fashion Forward


Whether you’re shopping at the renovated Retail Tent adjacent to the Tiki Bar or the official Diamond Outfitters Store at Bright House Field, you’re going to see a wider selection of exclusive Phillies Spring Training gear.

Trendy and fun animal prints, Florida-inspired men’s polos, bright colored hats and chic wristlets are among the many items that will make you stand out from the rest.








What about the green guy?

4-21-13 Phanatic57247

We know you’ll love your new ST attire, food samplings and seeing yourself on the video scoreboard  – but what about the Phanatic? Rest assured, he’s here and ready to shake that belly at each and every Phillies Spring Training home game. Look out for him on his ATV and dancing on the dugout. Who knows? Maybe he’ll pull you up there with him!


Hope to see you here in Clearwater very soon. #safetravels


Cody Asche gave an inside look at a very sleepy Cameron Rupp following a workout.

Glad he’s chowing down on healthy snacks.

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