December 2013

Had a Holly, Jolly Christmas?

So did the Phillies! Here are the top holiday-inspired tweets shared by your Fightin’s:

1. Jake being his own Santa, while Cameron was waiting for Santa to arrive.

2. Cody gave a simple, factual observation and a very heartfelt one too.

3. Some tweets may have made us slightly jealous – thanks Kevin and JP.

4. And this one was seriously adorable, Jon.

5. Pic of an Ugly Christmas Sweater which also happens to be a onesie? Yes, please.

6. Dom was busy cooking with family for Christmas celebrations and donating his time for good causes…

7. While Ben may have been busy watching this classic holiday movie for a full day…

8. As well as decorating his Ben-sized tree.

9. This heartfelt message to fans from The Hamels Foundation was really nice.

10. And, finally, some may need to get their New Year’s Resolutions in order…just sayin’!

We do hope you had a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you in 2014!

Merry, merry!

We miss your face.

We love a good theme for a post. This one is all about faces. Yes – faces. Your face, our face, Phanatic’s face…

Chase’s Face Is Your Face

Let us explain. It all starts with Anchorman, as most things do.

ChampIn honor of the highly anticipated film Anchorman 2 hitting theaters, we bring you one of our favorite quotes from the original, brought to you by the one and only Champ Kind, Channel 4 News Sports reporter:

“We need you. Hell, I need you. I’m a mess without ya. I miss you so damn much. I miss being with you. I miss being near you! I miss your laugh! I miss – I miss your scent. I miss your musk. When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together.” – Champ Kind, king of “Whammy”

Champ perfectly describes, although in a slightly creepy way, how we’re feeling this time of year. We miss your face too. Yes, that’s right. We’re facing facts over here – pun intended. We really do. As we here at The Phillies prepare to break for the holidays, and see our own friends and family, we wanted you to know something: We miss seeing you at Citizens Bank Park watching the boys of summer play. (Real talk.) We are all so excited to ring in 2014 and get back to baseball — and hope you are too. (We also hope you miss our face too…?)

So, who is our face? Who is the Face of the Phillies and, for that matter, the Face of MLB? Howard, Utley, Rollins, Hamels, Lee?

Face Chase

Major League Baseball is asking fans across the league to nominate the player who best represents their club with each team being assigned a specific day for fan nominations. When each team has a nominee, they will face off in the Twitter voting spectrum, bracket style, until there is an overall Face of Major League Baseball.

Who better to choose the face of a team than the fans? And now we have our face, The Man — Chase Utley, chosen by Tweeps yesterday and announced this morning on MLB Network’s Hot Stove. Get ready to vote for him starting on January 21 when the bracket match-ups get underway. Stay up-to-date on the contest — here’s how.

Phanatic Face… and Voice?

Speaking of awesome things…have you seen “What’s the Phanatic Say” music video? It’s kind of amazing. You should watch it…over and over…for the rest of time.

Favorite parts? All of them. But seriously, what does he say??

Fa La La La La…Face (Sorry, stretching this theme a bit)

You thought we’d be this close to Christmas and not mention something holiday-related in a post? Ha, you were so wrong!


HOLIDAY2PhandomJust a little reminder that our Phillies #HolidayPhandom contest is going on now. Basically, we want to see you showing your Phillies spirit all year-long – well after baseball season wraps up. Pin your house all sparkly and decorated for the holidays using Phillies ornaments, Phanta Claus, overall Phillies spirit, etc., and then add some pins of items you have on your wish list from the store. (They have some really cute stuff for women and kids and great stuff for guys, too!)

12 daysOne Phinal Note: Only 5 days left for the Phillies 12 Days of Christmas! Don’t miss out on this weekend with Phanta Claus photos and Mickey Morandini autographs as well as deals on shopping, even last minute on Christmas Eve! Looking for an authentic autographed item? Look no further than the Phillies Authentics Garage Sale, also on Saturday, with game-worn jerseys including from last season’s 90’s Retro Night as well as bases, caps, banners and more!

So, until next time, Happy Holidays to you and yours! See you next week!

Your True Love Gave You What Now?

CBP snow

First, please enjoy some snowy Citizens Bank Park scenery from earlier this week. Second, on to the topic of this week’s post. We all know the classic song. Whether you’ve attended an elementary school choir concert, sang in one or simply listen to WOGL 98.1 nonstop from Thanksgiving until Christmas Day (you know who you are), you’ve heard “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and lyrics describing one’s true love giving them random birds, people doing various activities and five gold rings. If you’re looking for an updated and more useful adaptation of these 12 days, look no further. 12DaysChristmasSquare Now presenting the Phillies 12 Days of Christmas Event, which runs from December 13 through December 24 at the Majestic Clubhouse Store — a drumroll from those drummers drumming would be nice right about now… Directions: Please read or sing aloud, if you’re so inclined, to the melody of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Remember to pace yourself, there are a lot of days and deals going on here!

outerwearOn the first day of Christmas, the Phillies wanted me… to get cozy with 30% off outerwear — like knit hats and maybe a scarf… ’cause baby, it’s cold outside!

camo hatOn the second day of Christmas, the Phillies gave to me… 50% off with a military ID. (Thank you for your service!)

personalOn the third day of Christmas, the Phillies gave me… the option to get up-close and personal with free jersey… and hat personalizations with a purchase. (Looks pretty high-tech, doesn’t it?) hatsOn the fourth day of Christmas, the Phillies gave to me… a buy one, get one free headwear opportunity. Headwear? Yep, that’s a lot of hats.

On the fifth day of Christmas, the Phillies gave me THREE AWESOME THINGS:


Buy one, get one free on all t-shirts and tanks (because it will get warm again, some day soon)…

clubhouse dec…FREE Clubhouse Tours, in holiday decor, from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in half-hour intervals…


…AND Phils manager Ryne Sandberg as a special guest on SportsRadio 94WIP live broadcast at noon!

(Phew… that’s just day 5? Okay, let’s keep going.)

47 brandOn the sixth day of Christmas, the Phillies gave to me… 30% off ’47 Brand apparel and headwear. (Man, that stuff is nice.)

MajesticOn the seventh day of Christmas, the Phillies offered me… Majestic apparel at a 30% discount.

NikeOn the eighth day of Christmas, the Phillies gave to me… 30% off apparel and headwear by Nike.

On the ninth day of Christmas, the Fightins gave to me…

kids apparel…30% off Kids/Phanatic apparel and headwear (We really like 30% discounts, so what?)…

Authentics…A not-so-typical Garage Sale from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (We’re talking game-used and autographed memorabilia in our Authentics garage people!)…

Phantaclaus1221…And Phanta Claus photos for the family! (From 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Phanatic Attic.)

dvdsOn the tenth day of Christmas, the Phillies offered me… some specials on Phils Publications and DVDs.

LadiesapparelOn the eleventh day of Christmas, the Phils gave to me… (you guessed it!) 30% off apparel, merchandise and novelties for the Ladies. (Oooo, it’s a lady!)

reuseable bagOn the TWELFTH day of Christmas, the Phillies gave to me…a Last Minute Shopping Savings Opportunity!  That’s 30% off anything you can fit in a Phanatic reusable bag!



That was a lot of days and Phillies offers…Yes, okay, these lyrics didn’t go exactly like the song/melody but we’re not composers over here. We do applaud you for getting through it while singing on key though — bravo! If you have any questions on which day of Christmas coincides with which date, because we don’t want you to miss any deals, go here.

Happy Holidays! Buy your true love something nice, will ya?

All I Want for Christmas…Is Some Holiday Spirit

hatFeeling a little Grinch-like? Lights not twinkling for you? Santa and his reindeer not dashing in the slightest? You even think Santa hats are lame?! Sounds like someone needs help finding their holiday spirit.

If you’re trying to “get into” the holidays, try to remember that this time of year is about more than just getting presents and eating copious amounts of cookies. (Seriously, put down the milk for a second). No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate, there is one reason for the season we can all get behind: Giving to others with nothing expected in return. It just makes you feel good, right?

During the month of December, we here at the Phillies get in the spirit by hosting our “Season of Giving,” which involves some of the Phillies’ greatest accomplishments and takes place throughout the Delaware Valley and also right here at Citizens Bank Park.

We wanted to share five fun and easy ways you too can get in the holiday spirit, just like your Fightin’ Phils.

1. Give a Little BitPhilabundance9892

Just this past Tuesday, now known as #GivingTuesday, the Phillies along with countless other global charities, families, businesses and fans just like you came together to celebrate a day for giving back. We all can make the world a better place simply by expressing generosity in any way we can. In honor of the day, the Phils, via our annual Phillies Holiday #WeekofGiving promotion on Twitter, got involved by donating nonperishable food items in one lucky fan’s name to Philabundance through the Preston & Steve Camp Out for Hunger initiative, being delivered today. Phanta Claus will bring the fans’ items, along with the Phillies’ and ARAMARK’s contribution, to drop off at the event. Remember, a simple act, no matter how small, really can go a long way, especially when we’re talking about friends and neighbors in our community. 

Didn’t know about #GivingTuesday? No worries. The beauty of this event is that you can celebrate all season long — or all year long. Like the song says, give a little bit… today!

USO86712. Speaking of Stuffing Stockings for Soldiers

As Americans, we take pride in honoring and supporting our service men and women all year-round. The work they do is so important and we are truly thankful for them. Some of you know firsthand that being away from family and friends during the holiday season is tough, and that is especially true for members of the military. Because of this, we all can help provide comfort, care and support to the military through various ways. The Phillies took part through the Liberty USO’s  Operation Stocking Stuffers.

Just this past week, the Phillies and the Liberty USO held the final Operation Stocking Stuffers event in our very own clubhouse. (Santa’s workshop didn’t have anything on us!) It was a real Phanta Claus affair as the green guy, joined by Phillies Ballgirls and staff alongside USO volunteers and military members, helped stuff hundreds of stockings, which were then added to roughly 2,000 care packages being sent to military from Pennsylvania and South Jersey who are deployed in Afghanistan this holiday season. Pretty awesome. Want to know more about what the Liberty USO does and how you can help? Wish granted. 


SIDE CHATTER: Phanta Claus also brought two stockings for military heroes volunteering at the event. Each stocking included a free Phillies Spring Training trip in Clearwater, where they’ll throw out a first pitch at the game they attend! That Phanta Claus is great, huh?

santa3. Play Santa

No, we’re not talking about renting the suit and donning a white beard for your office holiday party.  We’re talking emulating jolly Saint Nick, who does a pretty fantastic job delivering so many presents. He must really feel like a rock star for bringing joy to so many people – and so can you. You could totally get in on that by participating in Adopt-a-Family initiatives through your work, community center, place of worship or even hit up Google to find one nearby. The Phillies front office has adopted eleven families this year and we’re so excited to help spread holiday cheer to them. Whether it’s an Elmo doll or a pair of shoes, any and every gift received will mean the world to that person.

4. Be an Elf, while you’re at itBethesda4247

Elves are helpful folks, always lending their time to make toys, bake cookies, sing songs and, overall, be cheerful beings. Channel your inner elf by volunteering your time at a local shelter or community center — pointy ears not required. Sing carols or read stories at a local retirement home or after school program, walk dogs at an animal shelter or help serve a meal at a shelter. Phillies front office personnel will once again tie on aprons and help prepare and serve a traditional holiday dinner to over 200 homeless community members at the Bethesda Project in Philadelphia in the coming weeks. We certainly enjoy it. No angry elves around here.

PayItForward5. Pay it Forward – Not Just a Movie

Yes, you can add the movie to your Netflix queue, but also this is an idea we love. Spreading joy, love and kindness anonymously is truly wonderful — no doubt about it. Pay for coffee or the toll for the person behind you in line, tape quarters to a vending machine, help an elderly person carry groceries to their car, leave a generous tip for your server – there are so many options! You will feel even better than the person on the receiving end of your random act. Try it, we think you’ll like it.

There are really so many ways you can give to others this holiday season, but here are a few to get you started.

So get out there and find your holiday spirit. It’s looking for you!