Happy Monday…?


Ummm, yes we realize Mondays can be THE WORST. But, alas, it’s here again so why not chat about something that will make you all warm and fuzzy inside? OK, it’s happening.

Let’s talk about the Phillies Season of Giving! Yes, we’re gearing up for so many great events to make the Delaware Valley a better place for all. Giving to others makes you feel good, right? We feel that way too.

Leading off our season during National Hunger Awareness Month, Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown, along with his mother, Pastor Rosemary Woods and Bibleway International, Inc., recently hosted a food donation at Citizens Bank Park for those in the Delaware Valley who were in need. And thanks to our good friends at ShopRite, which donated about 6,000 pounds of food, it was an awesome event!


Various organizations who work with the homeless, veterans and other groups throughout the local area as well as individuals stopped by for canned goods, pasta and other non-perishable items to stock up their pantries.


Dom took this time to give back to a community that has given so much to him and we were so excited to help out too.



He also walked around with guests and helped them load carts with cases of food. He’s so strong.

Prefer a video recap? Well, alright.

We’re just getting started with The Phillies Season of Giving. Stay tuned for upcoming events as we spend the offseason making our community a better place, especially during the holidays when help is needed most.


Congrats to our very own Jimmy Rollins on being a co-winner of the Roberto Clemente award! #SoProud

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That’s all for now. Have a great week!

The 2014 Season: 3rd and Final Edish


Final 3 innings on this countdown of the Phils’ 2014 season. What’s in store for your reading eyes? Just a few more standout moments made by a few good men.

7th Inning: Jake Diekman

Diekman5359 - Copy

Really active on Twitter and Instagram?


100 strikeouts?


Also, yes.

The southpaw hit the century mark with 100 strikeouts after facing 2 batters and sending them straight back to the dugout in the final game of the season. His career-high was the most by a Phillies reliever since Al Holland struck out 100 batters in 1983.

Diekman3865 - Copy

8th Inning: 100-Mile Giles

Giles38477 - Copy

Slow down, rookie?


Nah, not the flamethrowing right-hander Ken Giles, who had one of the greatest seasons by a rookie reliever – in Phillies franchise history. He made his Major League debut on June 12th and posted a 1.18 ERA through the end of the season, with 6 earned runs and 45.2 innings pitched. Good times, Kenny. During the 2014 season, he ranked 3rd in WHIP (0.79), strikeout to walk ratio (5.82), opponents slugging (.230), OBP (.220) and OPS (.450). He also was 4th in hits per 9.0 innings (4.93) and 5th in opponents AVG (.164) and strikeouts per 9.0 innings (12.61). Of Giles’ 44 appearances, 39 of them were scoreless.

Giles39660 - Copy

Talk about holding down those late innings. He struck out 64 of the 166 batters he faced in 2014, which was the 2nd-best SO rate among all National League relievers, trailing only Cincinatti’s Aroldis Chapman. Giles also went through some nice stretches outside of team stretch at BP. He posted 3 scoreless streaks of 9.0 or more innings and including a stretch where he retired 25 consecutive batters. OK, that’s a lot of info if you need to take a second to digest it.

Good? Good.  Because we’re here – the final inning of this countdown.

9th Inning: Pen Pals.

Bullpen friends.


The Phillies bullpen worked it out in 2014. Like a gang of underdog Rocky Balboa’s, they started from the bottom, beginning the season with the worst relievers ERA (4.95) in the NL over their first 36 games to posting a Major League-best 2.41 ERA (37 ER, 138.1 IP in 50 games) from August 5th through the end of the season. During that final stretch Phillies relievers ranked 1st in opponents slugging % (.297) and OPS (.585), 2nd in opp. AVG (.213) and 3rd in opp. OBP (.288) and SO/9.0 IP (9.69). One more fun fact about this group: They also allowed the 2nd-fewest total base runners over that span (162). So thanks fellas.


Phinal Note: Halloween Costume Ready? 

Awesome. Then you should definitely enter our Phillies #HallowGreenContest! You could win a visit from the Phanatic on Halloween Day!

HallowgreenFor more details, visit phillies.com/hallowgreen.

Until next time!


The 2014 Season in 9 Innings: 2nd Edition

October is movin’ right along and so are we in the next installment of our Phillies top moments countdown. Aaaaaand go!

4th Inning: Chase. Utley.

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies

He’s a Dad, husband, Phils’ second baseman and The Man, according to the great HK and many Phillies fans alike.

This year he was also an All-Star for the 6th time. Chase won the fan elections each season from 2006-10 and tallied over 2.8 million votes. Not too shabby. The Phillie with more All-Star nods? Michael Jack Schmidt with 9 – the most in Phillies history.


5th Inning: Revere’s Ride


That Ben Revere. Not only did he let fans pick his walk-up music with #RevereTheMusic – and Benny and the Jets, no less – but he also hit pretty well this year too. He finished the season with 184 hits – tied for most in the National League with the Nationals’ Denard Span. He also finished 5th in the NL batting title race with a .306 average. Want more Revere facts? OK.


He stole a career-high 49 bases – that was 4th-most in the majors and most by a Phillie in a single season since since Juan Samuel stole 53 bags in ’85. Pretty good.


6th Inning: Can I make that a Combo Meal, please?

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves

On September 1, 2014, the Phillies recorded their first combined no-hitter and the 11th in Major League history in Atlanta. That was also during the 132nd season and 20,105th game of the franchise. Thanks to Cole Hamels, Jake Diekman, Ken Giles and Jonathan Papelbon – history was made. Hamels threw 6 innings before passing the baton to relievers Diekman, Giles and Papelbon who each pitched a perfect inning to close out the 12th no-hitter in Phillies franchise history and 284th overall in Major League history. Yeah, that happened.

But let’s give the guy behind the plate some props too.


Chooch caught the combined no-no. You may recall that he was also the guy who caught both of Roy Halladay’s no-hitters in 2010. His 3 no-hitters caught, in regular season and playoffs, are tied for 2nd-most in Major League history. Woah.

One more fun fact about the combined no-hitter: Ben Revere. Yes, him again! He drove in a career-high of 5 runs during that game, tied for 3rd-most ever by a player who’s team threw a no-hitter.


Good times. That’s all for now – see you next week for the final 3 innings/facts.


Marlon took a gym selfie.

Do werk, #ByrdMan. Do it.


The 2014 Season in 9 Innings: First Edition


Yes, along with the lazy days of summer, the Phillies 2014 season is over. I know, we’re sad too. But looking back, there were some great moments and historic accomplishments made. Let’s remember them together? Great idea.

We’ve narrowed down our top 9 moments…which we’ll refer to as innings because, well, we’re a baseball team and we can.

1st Inning: JRoll’s Records in 2014


Jimmy Rollins is a class-act shortstop. He’s a gentleman and a scholar. And he broke a pretty significant record this season. With a leadoff single in the 5th inning on June 14th, James Calvin Rollins surpassed a Phillies legend and Hall of Famer, Michael Jack Schmidt, to stand alone atop the Phillies All-Time Hits list with 2,235 during his Major League career. JRoll set the mark in his 2,015th career game and 8,330th at-bat.


2nd Inning: Hollywood Hamels Strikes Again


Cole Hamels reached the end of the 2014 season with a 2.46 ERA (56 earned runs and 204.2 innings pitched) which also happens to be the lowest mark of his 9-year Major League career.  Not too shabby Hollywood. His 30th start came on the final day of the season, which gave him 30 or more starts in 7 straight seasons – this is also the longest streak by a Phillie since HOFer Steve “Lefty” Carlton did so in 9 seasons from 1972-80. Lefty’s on lefty’s. Are we finished praising The Hamels for his accomplishments? Not yet. Thanks to his 204.2 innings pitched, he now has 5 consecutive seasons surpassing the 200 innings mark. That’s a lot of innings, right? Nicely done, Cole. Nicely done.


3rd Inning: It’s all about the 6-4-3


Not the area code.  There isn’t one. We checked. We’re talking about Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. They made history in 2014 together (as the three best friends that anyone could have)…

On August 5th, this wolf pack started in their 887th regular season game together in the field for the Phillies at shortstop, second base and first base, respectively. By doing so they set a new Major League record for most games started together in the field by 3 teammates, at those positions. Good work fellas. High five!


OK, we’re pausing for this week and will continue the countdown next Friday with 3 more innings. Have a good weekend and see you next week!


Well said, Jake.

Want to be a 2015 Phillies Ballgirl?


We want you!

Think you have what it takes to be a Phillies Ballgirl for the 2015 season? Sure, it looks ultra-glamorous but it’s a really tough job. No, seriously.

Not only do Ballgirls perform duties on the field during Phillies home games but a whole lot more off the field. As ambassadors for the Phillies, they represent educated, athletic and energetic women who serve as role models in professional sports for young girls. Each year, the Phillies Ballgirls, a program presented by Macy’s, make over 150 off-field appearances including TV and radio as well as school visits, nursing home visits, golf and bowling tournaments and fashion shows. The Ballgirls are also the captains of the Red Goes Green team and involved with the Phillies’ environmental initiatives. Yes, the Ballgirls do much more than just field foul balls and hand them to fans at Phillies games.

So let’s see if you fit the requirements, shall we? Here are the 5 things needed to apply for a Phillies Ballgirl spot.


#1. You must be at least 18 years old

Sorry, but rules are rules all you 17-year-olds. All applicants must be 18 at the time they submit their application.  (The deadline to apply is October 17, 2014). So if you’re 18 or older, you’re on your way to being a potential candidate!



#2. You have softball experience and you know your baseball

Know how to handle a screaming line drive headed straight for your head? Good. Not only do the Ballgirls have to handle foul balls down the lines during home games, but they also play in charity softball games, usually a minimum of 10 per season. And chances are if you know how to play the game then you know about the game as well, right? Knowledge of the game of baseball – we’re talking the basic rules and principles – is a necessity in life and also to be a Phillies Ballgirl.


#3. Your Mom would say you have an outgoing personality

Are you able to talk to just about anyone, including complete strangers? On the train? At school? In the grocery store? Then you’re definitely outgoing, so check that off your list. Being able to interact comfortably with people from all different backgrounds is a skill we definitely need to see in a Ballgirl.

Memorial Day

#4. You’ve got skills. Public Relations skills, that is.

Yes, you’re outgoing but think you have the right public speaking skills? We’re looking for individuals who can speak in public settings and deliver our message clearly and effectively. This requires that you’ve taken communications, broadcasting or, you guessed it, public speaking classes and aced them (well, if you passed them, that works too). If you’re ready for the lights, cameras and interviews then check this one off as a yes!

#5. You’re flexible 

Not in yoga. We’re talking schedules here. Do you need all your weekends free for trips to the shore to work on your tan? Sorry, but this job and line of work just isn’t for you. As a Phillies Ballgirl, you must be able to work early mornings, nights, weekends and holidays. Basically, we need you to be available!


How’d You Do?

Told you it wasn’t an easy job. We’re looking for the best and brightest to apply. If you checked off all 5 of these requirements and are interested in the position, go to phillies.com/ballgirls for more information and how to apply. Just a heads up: Applicants must send in their resume, along with a two-minute video highlighting their softball experience and explaining why they should be selected to be a Phillies Ballgirl. You can also check out the full job posting here.

Inside Pitch: Applications must be received no later than Friday, October 17, 2014. Those qualified will be notified to participate in a future tryout at Citizens Bank Park. Also, no phone calls please!

So, think you can do it? Because we really do want you!


In Here, It’s Always Summer.


Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, kids have returned to classrooms for another school year and the fall (and then old man winter not too far behind) will soon start creeping into the Delaware Valley.  But wait, don’t get too far into autumnal activities…the pumpkin picking and apple cider can wait because the ballpark is still in full gear! Citizens Bank Park is still welcoming Phillies fans next week for a homestand jam-packed with great events for all ages.

Top 5 Reasons to Stop by CBP 

1. Endless Summer

No, not that one. We’re talking the ballpark.



Yes, you may have to get up early to either get someone on the school bus, or board it yourself for that matter, and get back into the daily grind of workin’ for the weekend. But in here – it’s still all about summertime, hot dogs and baseball. The magical nights at the ballpark can still be yours – but time is limited (only 10 more regular season games/chances to enjoy it!) so make sure you grab your seats ASAP.

Fans48866Fans64421Fans48899a2 & 3. Saluting Combined No-No and Local Champions

We’re super proud of all the local baseball and softball teams for great seasons regardless of their final records.  And we are honored to have the local teams that have reached the state championships or higher in 2014 come to Monday night’s game and series opener against the Buccos. They’ll be introduced on-field during the pregame ceremony and be applauded by an entire ballpark for the amazing accomplishments they’ve achieved. Check out the complete list of teams being honored here.

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves

We’ll also bring out Cole Hamels, Jake Diekman, Ken Giles and Jonathan Papelbon to be recognized for their very awesome combined no-hitter against the Atlanta Braves on Monday, September 1 at Turner Field. Pretty cool stuff – especially since it was a first in Phillies franchise history (132 years, people!).

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves

4. Bark in the Park on Wednesday!!


Puppies AND baseball?!? The chance to bring your best, four-legged friend to the ballpark with you brings more joy than can be described, right? If you didn’t already purchase this special theme night ticket (sorry, they’re sold out), you can, HOWEVER, still participate by supporting PAWS and donating blankets, canned dog and cat food and paper towels at any entrance gate. Show these pups (and cats) some love, will ya? Don’t have a furry friend at home? Check out the adoptable dogs inside the First and Left Field Gates!


5. Patriot Day

Shirt Cool

On Thursday, September 11th, we will honor and salute the dedicated members of the military, Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments and first responders. How do you get even more involved? Glad you asked. Through the Police and Firefighters Celebration promotion. The first 500 fans who purchase this special ticket will receive an exclusive Phillies Police and Firefighters t-shirt and $10 from your ticket will benefit The Hero Thrill Show. Great cause and also the shirt is rather awesome.

Opening Day at Citizens Day Park home of The Philadelphia Phillies

So there you have it. Count ‘em up: 5 reasons to head to Citizens Bank Park this coming week. Hope to see you at the ballpark!


Because history was made.




Do you believe? Because we do. The 12 little leaguers who collectively stole our hearts and grabbed the nation’s attention during their Little League World Series run took center stage at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday night prior to the Phillies vs Nationals game. Here’s a recap of the Taney Dragons’ pregame tribute that capped off their historic and unforgettable summer.


The Phillies honored the Taney Dragons not only for being Little League Baseball Mid-Atlantic Regional Champs but also a group of amazing athletes and, most importantly, great kids.

Taney8446They made a pretty grand entrance into the ballpark. We don’t let just anybody walk down those magical center field steps and onto a red carpet, people.


Tons of smiles as the Dragons were greeted by the Phillies. Maybe there are some future Phils in the mix?


Ryan Howard, representing the Phillies organization, congratulated the kids and encouraged them to stop and take a look around – because the night belonged to them. We were honoring the incredible job they did as well as what their success meant to the city.


What’s a visit to a ballpark without a little victory lap jog around the warning track?


Make that a run! They are definitely not lacking speed on the Taney Dragons squad.


All 12 Dragons threw first pitches to members of the Phillies team. Pretty cool and unique moment, right?


We love a good intermingling meet and greet involving some major league hugs.


We really couldn’t be prouder of the Taney Dragons.



Didn’t make it to the ceremony and missed the live stream on phillies.com?  Don’t worry. Here’s a full recap of the Taney Dragons Tribute!

Jump on it, Jump on it

After parading down Broad Street and being honored in a pregame on-field salute, what’s next? Dancing with everyone’s favorite mascot, of course!


Action GIF … because why not?

Lucky Dragon?

The Phillies won last night to complete the sweep of the NL East first place Nats. Could these tiny dragons have had an effect? Maybe.


We all had Dragon Fever…

5 Reasons Why You Need to be at CBP for Toyota Alumni Weekend, August 8-11


Phillies declare a 4-day weekend?!?! Yes…but also 5 other things:

1. The Doctor is in.

Roy is back to get the party started! Penguins and fans alike are elated at Doc Halladay’s return to Citizens Bank Park. And so is he!

To lead off Alumni Weekend, Roy Halladay will be honored during pregame on-field and throw out the ceremonial first pitch on Friday, August 8th.  Be in your seats by 6:30pm to make sure you don’t miss it!

Bobble Baby


Fans attending the game on Friday will get to take Bobble Roy home (adorable, we know) with them as we celebrate the man, the myth, the legend…that is Roy Halladay.

SIDE NOTE: Important side note, actually. Roy will also do a Twitter chat on Friday, starting at 11:30am…send us your questions using #DocChat and get some answers.

2. Charlie Manuel WOF Induction.

Yes. Chuck is back!

Saturday, August 9 brings the always popular Phillies Toyota Wall of Fame Night. Be in your seats by 6:50pm if you want to check out the ceremony taking place on-field to honor fan-favorite Charlie Manuel.


Charlie left an everlasting mark on Phillies history. Because of that, he’ll receive our highest honor by being inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame. Current and former Phillies players who were part of Charlie’s managerial career will participate in the ceremony to honor their former skipper, including Mr. Roy Halladay.

Want more? Who doesn’t! Our friends at Toyota are giving each and every fan coming to the game a commemorative print of Manuel. Check it out in all its glory just north. (Frame-able stuff here people!).

3. We’re Getting the Band Back Together

The boys are back in town…reunited and it feels so good…you get it.

Web 01 Alumni6566

You know who loves this weekend more than you? Our alumni. Seriously, they love it. For Toyota Alumni Day on Sunday, August 10th, we’re bringing back over 40 former Phils for pregame intros prior to the current Fightin’s taking on the Mets that day.

Why should you be here? Excellent question and glad you asked. You’ll have the opportunity to see your ultimate favs – the big guys – in person. We’re talking Wall of Famers, Hall of Famers, members of the 1983 and 1993 National League Champion teams AND local alumni. Mike Schmidt? Yeah, he’ll be here too.

4. Alumni Surprises!

Player surprises Duncan7608

Here’s a heads up: Get here early and be on the lookout because alumni are going to be all over CBP before and during Monday’s Citizens Bank Businessperson’s Special on August 11th. You never know where your favorite former Phillie might turn up…seriously, they could be anywhere…


Also, former Phillie and amazing center fielder Aaron Rowand will be on-hand as the celebrations of ten years of baseball at Citizens Bank Park continues. He’ll throw the first pitch on Monday too. SIDE NOTE: Be on the lookout for #AaronChat details coming soon!

Giveaway Goodness: Fans will also receive a Pride of the Phillies print, featuring the one and only JRoll, compliments of Citizens Bank.

5. Ribs…I had ribs for lunch


BBQ ribs, baseball and summer time…all delightful and delicious. The annual Stephen Starr-Garry Maddox Barbecue Challenge will get grilling (see what we did there?) on Saturday, August 9th from 4-7pm along Citizens Bank Way. Break out the stretch pants and bring your appetite because things get real with copious amounts of grilled meats to taste. For more info, click here.


So come one, come all…#LegendsReturn beginning next Friday! Grab your tickets here!

Mambo Italiano

In preparation for tonight’s Fiat Italian Heritage Night, the bullpen played a little makeshift bocce baseball during the rain delay in Atlanta over the weekend.

But besides lawn games, there are many ways to celebrate those who have descended from that beautiful boot-shaped landmass in the Mediterranean. Here’s how we’re paying homage tonight:

Accordions, string bands and opera – oh my!

IMG_2581Catch this guy, Joseph Soprani aka accordion player extraordinaire, roaming the concourse of Citizens Bank Park and spreading musical cheer along the way prior to the start of the game.


The Verdi Band will also perform on-field during pregame to the delight of your ears. Also happening: OperaPhila will perform the national anthem and members of the Philadelphia Opera Company as well as the Munier Mandolin Orchestra will perform at the entrance gates.

Phanatic and Fiat

IMG_2619Adorable mascot inside an also adorable vehicle. Can’t go wrong really. Watch them take a lap around the warning track prior to the game. Fiat will also have displays outside of the entrance gates so you can get extremely close to these Italian automobiles.

Mangia, mangia

In addition to the musical stylings and cars of Italian origin, there will of course be food!

The always-delicious sausage, peppers and onions sandwiches, pizza, etc. – you know, the usual suspects – will be served in their normal ballpark concession stands. But some specialty, dare we say delectable, foods will also be available to the delight of your taste buds. Homemade cannolis as well as the South Philly dog, which is a hot dog with broccoli rabe, long hot peppers and sharp provolone cheese will be served at the Italian Night Stand next to Tony Luke’s in the Alley Brewing Company window.

Unfortunately, we ate the food before photos could be taken, womp womp. #SorryNotSorry

So find your inner Italian Stallion and head over to the ballpark tonight for what we hope is a virtual transportation to beautiful Italia for one and all!

AND We’re Back!

The All-Star break has come and gone. Yes, the AL won but it was overall a great game. Check out All the GIFs you need to see from the 2014 #ASG.

Anywho, the conclusion of the All-Star game and week of festivities means the second half of the baseball season is officially upon us. But don’t worry – there’s still plenty of Phillies baseball to come as the summer continues!

I’m Seein’ Stars

First, let’s take a moment to congratulate our very own Phillies All-Star second baseman, Chase Utley, for his performance during the #ASG. His RBI double, which was just shy of being a home run,  in the second inning got the National League on the board…also, his dance moves are now legendary.

Overall, we here at the Phillies are really proud of The Man, aren’t you?

And Away We Go!

We really love a good theme, don’t you? Let’s look ahead to the upcoming Phillies theme nights and promotions that lie ahead for each and every one of you. The Phillies front office has been hard at work putting together some incredible events – literally there is something for everyone.

May the Force be with you


Grab your light saver, get dressed up as your favorite character and head to the ballpark for the inaugural Phillies Star Wars Night at CBP on Friday, August 22! This theme night also benefits Stand Up 2 Cancer so we’re obviously hoping to use the Force for good over here. Clearly. Better hurry – tickets are going fast and only the first 1,000 fans to purchase this special ticket will receive the awesome collectible giveaway, which happens to be pictured above.

Country + Baseball = Merica


Phillies Cowboy Hat

For country fans of all ages (and who isn’t a country fan nowadays?), this night’s for you. Grab your cowboy boots and come claim your own Phillies cowboy hat for an evening of great country music, entertainment and baseball – c’mon, what’s more American than that? Be a part of the first-ever Phillies Country Night on Tuesday, August 5th!

Keep Back 401 Ft. 

Shirt Cool

Join all the real-life  heroes aka Philadelphia Police and Firefighters being celebrated at CBP on Thursday, September 11th. Those who purchase this theme night ticket will also receive this t-shirt, which is pretty fantastic.

These are just a few of our favorite upcoming theme nights but there are tons more. Which are your favs?


Most of the team went back home for a mini vacation during the All-Star Break to see friends and family but  A.J. Burnett headed to the Jersey Shore with the fam for his break – good times!

Until next time! Now let’s get back to baseball!


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