Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Yes, it’s cold outside. Actually, freezing this AM. But our focus is on “baby” for the moment.

The results are in… and the top baby names of 2014, as reported by, are here! Sure, Jackson is sitting pretty atop the list of most popular boy names for the year but I know what you’re thinking: Where do your favorite Phillies’ names rank? Let’s take a look!

#9. Jacob

Diekman5359 - Copy

The first Phillies’ name on the list happens to also be that of one of our relief pitchers who had a pretty decent 2014 himself. Nice to see Jake Diekman pulling in a top 10 ranking for the year.

#16. Benjamin


He may just be Ben, minus the jamin, but Revere is an all-around great guy. Glad to see his name toward the top of this year’s list, aren’t you?

#18. James


Coming in at a respectable #18 on the top 100 list, James Calvin Rollins continues to have a pretty fantastic year.

#24. Ryan

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies

Ryan Howard and Ryne Sandberg should be pretty stoked to see their name in the top 25. Regardless of spelling, this one is a solid name choice for any baby boy (and sometimes girl).

#40. Dominic


Yes, Domonic Brown may buy an “O” instead of an “I” for his name but it still ranks at #40 on this year’s list. (Did you get the Wheel of Fortune reference? Maybe?)

#71. Jonathan


58’s given name ranks #71 on this list. Not too shabby for the Phillies closer.

#86. Chase


Moving 17 spots down since 2013, Chase Utley’s name’s place on this countdown is rather surprising. Wonder if this list was specific to the Philadelphia area how he’d rank? We think much higher, don’t you? Most every classroom in the Delaware Valley has at least one Chase!

#100. Cole


Cole Hamels’ name finishes out the top 100. Also a little surprising, right? Come on Phillies fans, you know Cole is a much better name option over Jackson or Aiden, right? (Disclaimer: No offense to those fans named Jackson or Aiden. All love here.)


While Ben was in town over the weekend for the Holiday Tree & Ballpark Lighting at the Majestic Clubhouse Store, he also took in a little football at the Linc.

Until next time, stay warm (and safe with that nor’easter visiting us tomorrow) Phillies fans!

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