Deck Them Halls, Ho-Ho-Ho and All That Stuff?

You made out like bandits at last week’s #RedFriday, checked everyone off of your list AND enjoyed donuts in the dugout. So…now what?

Find your Christmas spirit, of course!

I like to view as many holiday movies as possible this time of year to get into the spirit of the season, especially A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s a favorite.

Looking for other ways to get in the holiday spirit?! Glad you asked because you are formally invited to the Phillies Annual Holiday Tree & Ballpark Lighting this Saturday, December 6th!  Here are a few highlights…

Here comes #PhantaClaus!

From 11:00am-2:00pm, prepare to tell Phanta Claus what Phillies goodies you want this year. He’ll do his best mime response – promise. Also, take a photo of the whole fam with him while you’re at it.


Tis the season for Ben Revere #HolidaySelfies


Ben is back in town just for this very special holiday event and cannot wait to cheese it up with you for some epic selfie time. He’s snapping pics with the first 500 fans from 3:30-4:30pm so make sure you plan accordingly people! Here’s hoping he’ll smile and look less scared.


Thaaaaaat’s better, Ben.

Hit the Lights!


After taking your photos and maybe grabbing some more deals on gifts, be sure to stick around for the tree and ballpark lighting at 5:00pm! There will be fancy carolers, Phillies Ballgirls, a special military recognition and much more to get you in the holiday spirit!

IMG_3653cc 04 D25F1996_ml

Perhaps you need more info? No problem!  For more details on all the Phillies Free Holiday Events, including the Authentics Sale happening on Saturday, December 13th click here.


JRoll enlisted the help of some emojis to express his gratitude on Turkey Day, which also happened to be his b-day!

Until next time, have a good week Phillies fans!

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