Season of Giving: DIY Edition

It may be because we’ve DVR’d National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation from ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, and have since watched it approximately 13 times since December 1st, but this Christmas song seemed apropos for a post about Christmas time…and what to do now that you’ve (hopefully) completed your shopping, sent out your cards, baked those yummy cookies and finished anything else on your to-do list – all with a cheerful, holiday smile.

Let’s all get our charity on, people! Giving back this time of year, no matter how grand or small the gesture, can make the season that much more special. Looking for some ideas on what to do? Here are a few that come to mind – with a Phillies twist, of course.

#1. You could play Santa…


Santa suit encouraged, but not required.  Maybe delivering a Phillies gift pack and holiday cheer, like our man Chase, is the key to your holiday giving success. (Side Note: It’s Chase’s birthday today!!) Julie is such a warrior. We can’t wait to meet her in the New Year! #JulieMeetsEllenMeetsChase

The Phillies front office also played Santa, with the help of Phanta Claus, to the People’s Emergency Center last week to leadoff our Season of Giving.  The Center provides comprehensive supportive services for homeless women and children in West Philadelphia.

Donate a toy, canned good item or spare change. Get your kids involved. A little goes a long way!

#2. Volunteer your time.BethesdaLunch5186

Time is a precious thing, especially during this crazy busy time of year. So spending time helping others is a super admirable thing to do.

Taking time to volunteer at a local animal shelter, food bank or nursing home are just a few options. Another Season of Giving event involves the Phillies front office cooking and serving our annual Holiday Lunch at Bethesda Project’s largest shelter, happening this Friday for over 200 homeless community members.



#3. Say Thank You

To the stranger holding the door. To the server bringing your food. To the bank teller for assisting you. It’s simple, easy and means a lot.

We said thank you to local organizations at the Phillies Charities Holiday Party on Monday night. Dozens of charities were honored as 2014 grant recipients. Nearly $2 million in grants have been awarded throughout the year with the party serving as a way to honor these outstanding organizations that give back to the community.



Ryne and Margaret Sandberg were on-hand to celebrate the evening with the attendees as well as pitcher David Buchanan and his sister, Sarah Buchanan, whose charity, Kula Project, was recognized during the evening.



Here’s a recap video of the evening’s festivities:

The program featured testimonials that elaborated what each charity did and how it helps make the Philadelphia community a better place as well as a red carpet greeting from the one and only, Phanta Claus. Overall, the evening was a great event and a gem in the Season of Giving this year.

And Phinally…

Speaking of joy…This was just way too good so we had to share. After you’ve volunteered, donated and shown your gratitude, something else to do with your free time this holiday season could be an epic holiday-themed prank war.  Here’s an example of the absolute best one ever, brought to you by the Kimmels and the Krasinskis.

Good luck on your holiday endeavors – whatever they may be!

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