It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Mitchell Leff_TRUCK_022

Let’s replace that snowball for a baseball, shall we?

Ahhh, the wonderfully familiar signs of spring. Each year, similar to Groundhog Day movie fame, the Phillies equipment truck is dutifully packed up and sent down 95 South to its Clearwater destination. But this year, we spiced things up a bit – because if you can’t make a little noise, then what’s the point of it all?

(Thanks to Colleen Cordaro, Phillies Intern, for the great film work!)

The equipment truck turned into a mobile billboard for Phillies’ excitement yesterday as it exited Citizens Bank Park on it’s way to Bright House Field in supremely grand fashion. There’s really nothing like a Phanatic-led police and fire truck escort through Center City on a chilly February day to get fans in the baseball spirit…and thinking spring.

Mitchell Leff_TRUCK_020

Pretty awesome.

Let’s Get It Started

Down in Clearwater, the Phillies clubhouse is growing active with players already working out on the practice fields at Bright House and Carpenter Complex well before they are scheduled to officially begin. Actually, most of the guys have been at training facilities in their respective hometowns over the course of the offseason as well as down in Clearwater preparing for the upcoming year. Let’s do this.  


Asche throws to Ruf. Note the lovely palm trees in the background…sigh.


Howard and Ruf take turns taking some grounders.

Get Your Tickets Here!

AND the Citizens Bank Park Ticket Windows are about to open for individual ticket sales!


Individual ticket sales will begin in-person on Thursday, February 13th beginning at 8:30 a.m. at the West Ticket Windows. As has become tradition, we like to make the day more of fan event for those who make their way to CBP to purchase their tickets to the upcoming Phils’ season. Need a few examples of what we have planned? Fans can anticipate Phanatic and Ballgirl sightings; a yummy continental breakfast inside the Majestic Clubhouse Store AND a Majestic Clubhouse Store Mystery Discount.


When the word mystery is thrown in the mix of a discount we’re always intrigued – you should be too. Basically, fans could receive a discount of 20% to 75% off at the register that day. That’s kind of a big deal – literally and figuratively. The Phillies love to lead off our individual ticket on-sale date with a salute to the fans – because you guys are an important part of our team, for real.

So as the snow begins to melt into gorgeously luscious green grass, baseball, in all its splendid glory, will also make its return and with it comes all the wonders and promise of a new, fresh season.

Tweet of the Week

Tyga Brown, Dom’s pitbull pup, is a famous Puppy Bowl participant. He’s such a MVP aka Most Valuable Puppy.


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