Official Lineup Posted

Opening Day at Citizens Day Park home of The Philadelphia Phillies

The Official Modell’s Sporting Goods Opening Day Lineup of amazing phandom has been announced!

OD graphic

It’s pretty epic, and full of phandom events, so you should probably call out sick from work/school/all other non-Phillies related life involvement now.

We Like, We Like To Party


Get here early to take full advantage of the CB Way Party festivities. Tons of entertainment on the stage including a performance by Go Go Gadjet, food, drinks and more! It starts at noon for fans who especially like to party before their Opening Day game.


All gates open at 12:35pm but feel free to hang out and party for awhile.

Walk This Way

This leadoff walk is extra special on our Opening Day. Fans who haven’t entered the ballpark yet can line up on 10th Street to cheer on the Phillies as they make their way into the ballpark. Get your high fives on with your favorite Phillies, why don’t ya?


Opening Day at Citizens Day Park home of The Philadelphia Phillies

If you’re already in the ballpark, don’t fret! You’ll have already received your Citizens Bank Park banner, compliments of Modell’s Sporting Goods – so that’s already a win.

CBP giveaway

Then you can head to your seats and get ready for a must-see pregame show, including the grand entrance of the 2014 Phillies squad via a Phillies-red carpet, performances by the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Men’s Chorale of “Philadelphia Pride” and “America the Beautiful,” and the unfurling of an awe-inspiring American flag by Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard members as well as Philadelphia Police and Fire Department personnel carrying the state flags along the infield.  It’s truly a beautiful site.



This is The Voice!


Jacquie Lee. Our hometown girl (she’s from Colt’s Neck, NJ – so a Jersey girl!) who became America’s sweetheart during her time on Team Xtina and the top-rated NBC show, The Voice, will be performing the national anthem on-field at CBP! You definitely don’t want to miss it.

Might As Well Jump

Or leap? The Leap Frogs, the United States Navy Parachute Team, will deliver the first balls via jumping out of a plane and parachuting into the ballpark.

Opening Day at Citizens Day Park home of The Philadelphia Phillies

Opening Day at Citizens Day Park home of The Philadelphia Phillies

Opening Day at Citizens Day Park home of The Philadelphia Phillies

Seriously, so cool to see!

Play Ball!

Once the first pitches are thrown, including by a SURPRISE Phillies alumnus and Modell’s Sporting Goods rep, the Phillies will take on the Brewers at 3:05 p.m.

What’s the Phanatic Say?

Find out during a performance on-field during the 5th inning. It may or may not look a little something like this…only live!

7th Inning Stretching

While we stretch we’re also going to be supremely entertained by Julia Udine, who plays Christine in Phantom of the Opera, as she sings God Bless America.


Lots of stuff but all phandom you definitely need to know. Also, it has to be said, everything is weather permitting – so let’s all start doing our anti-rain combined with our anti-wind dances now.

See you at the Home Opener on Monday! We can’t wait!!

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