I’ll Always Love My Mama

#1. Sweet red velvet suits, guys.

#2. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! We’re in New York this weekend against the Mets but we’re still celebrating motherhood and the amazing women in our lives all Sunday long! Here’s a preview of some photos we’re planning to send on our social media accounts to help celebrate the day:


He’ll always love his mama.


All smiles for Dom, his mom and girlfriend!


Of course, Chase shows his mom major love.

Be on the lookout for posts sent on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the day of our players and their mamas. Too sweet.

Angels in the Outfield…of Citizens Bank Park

Seriously, one of the best Disney/baseball movies ever. Hands down.  Also, did you know Matthew McConaughey was in that movie? We forgot too.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will head to Philadelphia for a two-game series and some additional interleague play for the Fightin Phils next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Check out the Wistar Melanoma Awareness sunglasses being given away to all fans at the Tuesday 7:05 p.m. game – as modeled by Phillies Broadcasters Matt Stairs, Mike Schmidt and Tom McCarthy. Lookin’ good guys.





Need a Doctor’s Note?

The series wraps up  on Wednesday with a 1:05pm Citizens Bank Businessperson’s Special. Do yourself a favor and call out sick.  The weather forecast is looking great for some weekday afternoon baseball. We promise not to tell your boss – get your tickets here.

Side Note: Seniors be strollin’…around the bases. If you’re 55 and over, you better be here to strut your stuff around the diamond postgame for Modell’s Seniors Stroll the Bases also on Wednesday.


We knew you wouldn’t make us choose our favorite!

Marlon was pretty stoked about his Oyo action figurine.


Cody and Jake showed their support for a good cause.

And Ryne and Margaret Sandberg visited Derrick Redcay last weekend.

Until next time, have a fantastic weekend and don’t forget about Mom!

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