Mambo Italiano

In preparation for tonight’s Fiat Italian Heritage Night, the bullpen played a little makeshift bocce baseball during the rain delay in Atlanta over the weekend.

But besides lawn games, there are many ways to celebrate those who have descended from that beautiful boot-shaped landmass in the Mediterranean. Here’s how we’re paying homage tonight:

Accordions, string bands and opera – oh my!

IMG_2581Catch this guy, Joseph Soprani aka accordion player extraordinaire, roaming the concourse of Citizens Bank Park and spreading musical cheer along the way prior to the start of the game.


The Verdi Band will also perform on-field during pregame to the delight of your ears. Also happening: OperaPhila will perform the national anthem and members of the Philadelphia Opera Company as well as the Munier Mandolin Orchestra will perform at the entrance gates.

Phanatic and Fiat

IMG_2619Adorable mascot inside an also adorable vehicle. Can’t go wrong really. Watch them take a lap around the warning track prior to the game. Fiat will also have displays outside of the entrance gates so you can get extremely close to these Italian automobiles.

Mangia, mangia

In addition to the musical stylings and cars of Italian origin, there will of course be food!

The always-delicious sausage, peppers and onions sandwiches, pizza, etc. – you know, the usual suspects – will be served in their normal ballpark concession stands. But some specialty, dare we say delectable, foods will also be available to the delight of your taste buds. Homemade cannolis as well as the South Philly dog, which is a hot dog with broccoli rabe, long hot peppers and sharp provolone cheese will be served at the Italian Night Stand next to Tony Luke’s in the Alley Brewing Company window.

Unfortunately, we ate the food before photos could be taken, womp womp. #SorryNotSorry

So find your inner Italian Stallion and head over to the ballpark tonight for what we hope is a virtual transportation to beautiful Italia for one and all!

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