The 2014 Season in 9 Innings: First Edition


Yes, along with the lazy days of summer, the Phillies 2014 season is over. I know, we’re sad too. But looking back, there were some great moments and historic accomplishments made. Let’s remember them together? Great idea.

We’ve narrowed down our top 9 moments…which we’ll refer to as innings because, well, we’re a baseball team and we can.

1st Inning: JRoll’s Records in 2014


Jimmy Rollins is a class-act shortstop. He’s a gentleman and a scholar. And he broke a pretty significant record this season. With a leadoff single in the 5th inning on June 14th, James Calvin Rollins surpassed a Phillies legend and Hall of Famer, Michael Jack Schmidt, to stand alone atop the Phillies All-Time Hits list with 2,235 during his Major League career. JRoll set the mark in his 2,015th career game and 8,330th at-bat.


2nd Inning: Hollywood Hamels Strikes Again


Cole Hamels reached the end of the 2014 season with a 2.46 ERA (56 earned runs and 204.2 innings pitched) which also happens to be the lowest mark of his 9-year Major League career.  Not too shabby Hollywood. His 30th start came on the final day of the season, which gave him 30 or more starts in 7 straight seasons – this is also the longest streak by a Phillie since HOFer Steve “Lefty” Carlton did so in 9 seasons from 1972-80. Lefty’s on lefty’s. Are we finished praising The Hamels for his accomplishments? Not yet. Thanks to his 204.2 innings pitched, he now has 5 consecutive seasons surpassing the 200 innings mark. That’s a lot of innings, right? Nicely done, Cole. Nicely done.


3rd Inning: It’s all about the 6-4-3


Not the area code.  There isn’t one. We checked. We’re talking about Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. They made history in 2014 together (as the three best friends that anyone could have)…

On August 5th, this wolf pack started in their 887th regular season game together in the field for the Phillies at shortstop, second base and first base, respectively. By doing so they set a new Major League record for most games started together in the field by 3 teammates, at those positions. Good work fellas. High five!


OK, we’re pausing for this week and will continue the countdown next Friday with 3 more innings. Have a good weekend and see you next week!


Well said, Jake.

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