Happy #HallowGreen Trick-Or-Treating Greetings!


Was your Halloween chock full of sugar-highs and spooky moments? Ours too.

One lucky South Jersey preschooler had a very special Trick-Or-Treater visit him last Friday, as part of the Phillies first-ever #HallowGreenContest on Instagram. The Mini-Phanatic is the one and only 2 1/2-year-old Zachary Hesler.

Mitchell Leff_COSTUME_010

Pretty awesome. His grandmother and great aunt made the custom costume.

Here are some more pics from the visit, including Phanatic leading off the Halloween Parade at Puddle Jumpers Academy in Moorestown, NJ!

Mitchell Leff_COSTUME_017 Mitchell Leff_COSTUME_021 Mitchell Leff_COSTUME_014 Mitchell Leff_COSTUME_004

One happy little dude.


Who else? Diekman as The King.


That’s all for now. Remember to pace yourself with that candy. It’s a marathon, not a sprint through that pillowcase.

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