Well, hello there.

Blogging like a boss.

Blogging like a boss.

Hey Phillies Phaithful!

So, the offseason is officially upon us and we hope you’re ready for this.  We’d like to introduce One Citizens Bank Way, a brand new blog that gives readers little nuggets of information on what’s going on with the Phillies off the field – all year long.

That’s right…we’re here for you as the weather turns chilly, into the start of Spring Training and beyond (84 days and counting until Pitchers and Catchers…just sayin’).  So, check in with us every Friday for a weekly dose of Phils’ knowledge.  Consider it a little addition to your TGIF agenda.  We’d really love to see your faces gazing at our posts with childlike wonder.

P.S. We want to make it clear – Phanatic isn’t the author of this blog.  

Or is he?

No, he’s not.  But he is simply adorable and typing at a computer.

OK, that’s all for now – and post #1 is in the books.  See you Friday aka tomorrow!

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