…And So the Holiday Season is Upon Us

phanatic turkey

Can’t wait for Turkey Day?? We can’t either. That fabulous American holiday is just around the corner!  We here at the Phillies are seriously psyched for family, friends, overeating delicious food, maybe a little football watching and, after collectively recovering from our food-comas, attending the  strategy meeting at the kitchen table for the official first shopping weekend of the holiday season! Part competition for great deals and part tradition, families all over the Delaware Valley will prepare to score the best deals for the best gifts.  So when your fam starts to plan, you should probably include a stop at Citizens Bank Park – more precisely the Majestic Clubhouse Store, open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm all weekend long, where Phillies apparel and merchandise is hotter than ever for the holidays. 

Here are the top reasons why you should get some rest Thanksgiving night and head to CBP for Thanksgiving Weekend: Red Friday, Nov. 29 & Thanksgiving Saturday, Nov. 30:

Assorted Donuts on white

1. Donuts…in the Dugout…on Friday?!

What the what? Yes, we realize you’re going to spend the day before chowing down on yummy turkey and pumpkin pie. But you need your strength to shop – trust me, it’s no joke when sugar levels plummet during a retail excursion, especially as you hunt for the perfect gift.  Important detail here: Donuts are truly the bee’s knees of confectionery concoctions.  And what better place to get your pastry fix then in the dugout?  Yummy donut + pretend to be a major leaguer = nice little Friday.

SIDE CHATTER: As with all things related to the holidays, timing is everything. Get here early (doors open at 9:00 am both days) since the best deals (and donuts) are going to the first 500 fans.  Oh, field access is weather permitting too – fingers crossed for crisp, fall temps and lots of sunshine!

fam photo

2. Holiday Photos on the Field – Both Days (Say Cheese!)

First, check out these awesome Phillies fans getting their photo taken over yonder.  Holiday Family photo – check!  

Then, know this: Whether you’re munching on donuts on Friday morning and/or strolling through the store on Saturday, you can grab your camera and snap some pics on the Phillies’ diamond! Friday’s field visitation will go from 9:00 am to noon & Saturday’s access starts at 11:00 am and goes until 2:00 pm.  Again, first 500 fans get to embark on this experience each day – knowledge is power indeed.



3. Two words: Phillie Phanatic

Gotta love that green guy, right? Did I mention he’s going to be visiting fans for a meet and greet on Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm?? Please stop screaming at your computer/smartphone/other techy-type device being used to read this, thank you. You’ll want to have your camera ready for this one too! 

30 bag4. If It Can Fit…It’s 30% Off

Don’t worry about those extra calories on Thanksgiving – go back for seconds and thirds.  We encourage squeezing into pants almost as much as squeezing items into shopping bags!  Basically, you fill your free reusable bag (bonus that it’s an adorable image of the best mascot in the universe) with all the Phillies shirts, hats, mugs, ornaments and other loot you can fit and you’ll receive a 30% discount at checkout on the entire bag! This deal is for Friday only – Red Friday to be exact.

5. Presents for giving presents? Tell me more.

cole bobble

Are you the person who ends up shopping for you in addition (or sometimes in lieu of) to shopping for those on your list? Me too. Well, consider this a merry, merry treat for you. Get a FREE gift with purchase: Friday – Cole Hamels bobble & Saturday – Phanatic t-shirt. These are available while supplies last so get your shop-on earlier rather than later.

6. The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Yep, Phillies Gift Cards. I know, you’re Uncle Lou is really particular. And you can’t get him another matching sock/tie combo. Grab a Phillies Gift Card, useful for purchasing tickets, merchandise and concessions at CBP, and check him off your list! Done and done.


7. And Phinally…Try our Kiosk – DO IT.

Now, this is for Thanksgiving Weekend only BUT select single game tickets will be on sale at the Phillies Ticket Kiosk located in the Majestic Clubhouse Store. (Certain restrictions apply.) And Phillies Six Game Packs are also ready for a place under tree.


Oh, and side note: Check out our #ThanksgivingPhandom contest going on now on Pinterest.  You could win a SOLD-OUT Phanatic Thanksgiving Figurine and impress all your friends just by pinning.

As always, get the latest and greatest info on phillies.com.

P.S. Next post will have more info on the Phils’ Holiday Sale & Tree Lighting, 12 Days of Christmas, Season of Giving and other fun holiday cheer!

Until next time…Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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