Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Brrrr…It is chilly out there! Like, freezing. Wind chills in the negative 10 to 15 degree range make it more than just winter in Philadelphia – it’s like Siberia. So, while you and the rest of the country have been hibernating indoors as much as possible this week, the Phillies have been working on helping break you out of that icy coma. Here’s what we came up with:

 #1. Don’t depend on groundhogs for weather advice. Period.


Putting hope into the shadow of a very large furry animal is never a good idea. And that Phil character is currently unavailable until next month anyway.

#2. Definitely try to think spring…spring training.

group photo

Looks good, doesn’t it? Warmer temps, green grass, baseball…warmer temps…

workoutThat’s Florida sunlight you see…and it is glorious.

Get into that spring spirit by planning a getaway, easy peasy. You already know about the fan trips from last week’s post but maybe you’re just looking for a weekend getaway with the family or your friends. Now, before you book your flight and hotel, you should probably grab your spring training game tickets,which went on sale yesterday.


Boom – that happened.

We have to divulge something else which may excite you into packing your bags today. This year, 2014, is special. How is it special? Well, not only will this spring training showcase our 2014 Phils but you’ll have another opportunity that has never been offered before. Curious? You should be.

It’s him!


We talk about the Phanatic because we love him…you love him…who couldn’t love him, really? Well, this year he’s heading to Clearwater to take up residency for the entire spring training season! You could have so much quality time with this green guy – but you have to be there to collect it. And don’t worry – he’ll be back in Philadelphia for our On-Deck Series on March 28 and 29 with Pittsburgh and definitely the Home Opener on April 7 against Milwaukee – but he’ll be back with a tan.


Also, while you’re watching the game at Bright House Field, make sure you stop by the Diamond Outfitters store. They have a great selection of apparel and merchandise with a fun, Floridian flare that will make everyone back home wish they came on the trip with you! Stop by the Tiki Bar after the game for great entertainment and make tons of new friends who all share your interest in the Phillies – fun, right?


When you’re not watching the Phillies, there’s plenty to do in the gorgeous, and much warmer, Florida weather. Have a relaxing day at Clearwater Beach, rated #1 in the gulf region, but don’t forget sunscreen – we don’t want you returning to Philly looking lobster-like! Golfers can hit the green, adventurers can hop aboard Tanks-A-Lot Clearwater and get their scuba dive on, amusement ride enthusiasts can hit up Pier 60 and everyone can end the day with cocktails and dinner at the many great restaurants in the area.  Clearwater is truly a destination in itself, making it not only great for the sports fan but also families and kids of all ages.

So what are you waiting for? Stop those winter blues by planning your getaway to Phillies Spring Training today!

Tweet of the Week

Here’s our favorite player tweet from the week. We’ll do this when one of the guys makes us laugh (more than usual), makes us slightly jealous or just mildly intrigued by his social outreach. And we’re going to relive them with you!

Domonic Brown made us incredibly jealous by not only being in beautiful Cancun, Mexico on the Phillies Phancation this past week. That’s a given. But he looked like he had a good time too, and for that we are extremely jealous we didn’t sneak into the Phanatic’s suitcase. Check out his Instagram collage of awesome-ness below.

I just want to thank @phillies and the fans for an amazing trip #goodtimes #cancun #mexico#philliesnation #phancation

His close encounter with the best mascot in all of sports really put us over the top.

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