Back to School…Back to School…


Panoramic shot, we’re getting so tech-savvy with our smartphones, of the prospects as they toured MLB Network studios, including the very cool Studio 42.

Well, not school exactly…but they learned things, lots of things.

Each year, the top minor league prospects, there were eight in the class of 2014, are selected to participate in the Phillies Prospect Education Seminar, a four-day program which consists of various workshops with front office executives, representatives and guest speakers including former and current Phillies players. It’s a great opportunity for the youths to get a taste of the major leagues and what it’s like to be part of the Phillies organization. Here are some highlights from their week in Philly.

1. Getting to Know You

Prior to this week, some of the minor leaguers knew one another but they really bonded over the course of the program.


Group shot in Studio 42. From left to right: OF Aaron Altherr, RHP Kevin Munson, LHP Jesse Biddle, INF Maikel Franco, RHP Ken Giles, RHP David Buchanan, OF Leandro Castro and OF Kelly Dugan.

Now, if you don’t know these guys yet – what are you waiting for? These guys are young, talented athletes who will all hopefully have bright futures and great careers playing baseball right here in Philadelphia. Check out Prospect Watch on for more info on all the Phillies prospects and then impress your friends with your baseball knowledge. Great for parties and even awkward subway ride convos with strangers too.

2. Smile for the Cameras

The media is a big part of being a major league baseball player. They are there to report to our very interested fans. The prospects had a close encounter with media members during an availability in the Phillies Clubhouse and we snapped some photos during the event.

photo 1

Outfielder Kelly Dugan, not only a top Phillies prospect and son of Hollywood director Dennis Dugan but also buddy of Adam Sandler.

photo 3

Outfielder Aaron Altherr sported his Phillies red while being interviewed by Comcast SportsNet’s Marshall Harris.


Infielder Maikel Franco, no stranger to the spotlight, chatted with local TVs and writers.

2. Hey Neighbor!

As you are well aware, Philly is a true sports town and the guys got a taste of that part of the city’s culture by taking in a Sixers game while they were here. It must be said that the Sixers were excellent hosts, getting the guys on the Jumbotron and providing them with some nice gear to take home as well.



Jesse Biddle even had some quality time with Sixers legend World B. Free.

3. Getting Chatty

Three of the prospects, hometown guy Jesse Biddle,  JMU grad and Rule 5 Draft pick Kevin Munson and Atlanta native David Buchanan, made time to chat with some fans on Twitter with #ProspectsChat. Just another way for fans to get to know their Phillies.

Side Note: Chase Utley also stopped by the @Phillies couch earlier in the week for #ChaseChat.

You should be on the lookout for future chats with your favorite Phillies…including a certain third baseman who may be joining us next week!
4. Lesson of the Day: Respect the Game

We know you like to get some inside perspective on the Fightin’s so Biddle gave some insight on the week, including what it was like to hear from Chase Utley and Brad Lidge on what it means to be a major leaguer and what the program as a whole meant to the group of prospects.

Jesse Biddle on Taking Part in Phillies Prospect Week

Tweet of the Week

Comes from the #ChaseChat Twitter takeover earlier this week from our very own Kevin Frandsen…so would it technically count as two tweets for the week?

And One Phinal Thing…Welcome Back Kotter Charlie!

charlie headshot

The Phillies are thrilled to welcome back Charlie Manuel as a senior adviser to the general manager.  We hope you are too!

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